How do I start data collection?


To start data collection you need to set up the “Nanitor Agent” on all devices you want to monitor and associate with the appropriate “Security Benchmark”. The association instructs the device what security settings to send to the server. Each device sends a snapshot of current configuration (that fall under the associated benchmark) the first time after the association, and then every time there is a change in the configuration. As a result, the system has the current configuration at any point in time and the capability to display and perform statistical analysis on the data. All communication between the Agent and the Server is compressed and configured to use HTTPS transport.

Individual platforms

To collecting from network devices and databases you need to install the  Nanitor collector.


Once the Agent has been installed select “Devices” and verify the device has been added to the list of registered devices. Over the next few minutes the agent will be tested for applicability against various benchmarks and automatically assigned to the appropriate ones. This can be manually changed on the Devices page by selecting an appropriate device and view the benchmark assignments.

After the benchmarks have been assigned it will take a few minutes for the results to arrive and Nanitor has also tracking all changes that fall under the assignments. The results will be reflected on the "Configuration page".

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