How do I deploy the Nanitor server?

This document describes the steps required to setup the Nanitor server on-premise. After the installation is complete we need to get a license key from the Nanitor sales team and quote the Server Installation ID.


  1. A static IP address and fully qualified domain name (FQDN) which resolves in DNS. An IP address is reserved and provided to you by your Network/System Admins with FQDN and resolvable over your corporate DNS. This guide will use the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) as an example.
  2. An SMTP relay host we can relay through to send out emails.
  3. Nanitor appliance download link, Nanitor hub username and password. Please contact your Nanitor support team (

Virtual machine Image

Nanitor Server is distributed as an virtual machine image (OVA, VHDX) which you download using the link provided (step 3 above). Please consult your system administrator as to how to import the virtual machine image into the hyper-visor of choice. Once that is done please boot the image.

  • We recommend 8 gigabytes of RAM, 200 gigabyte disk and a quad (4)CPU core.
  • The system is preconfigured to automatically download and apply security patches.
  • The image is also hardened to CIS standard.
  • The image is partitioned using LVM and does not use all of the allocated space so it is easy to expand volumes when required using lvextend.

Configuring the system and network

On the console login as user nanadmin and password m4ssFussBall-01 (you should change this)

Configure networking

Run this command.

sudo /usr/lib/nanitor-server/bin/nanitor-server-ctl configure_network

Configure mail relay (if required)

Run this command.

sudo /usr/lib/nanitor-server/bin/nanitor-server-ctl configure_mail_relay

Configure proxy (if required)

Run this command.

sudo /usr/lib/nanitor-server/bin/nanitor-server-ctl configure_proxy

Configure the Nanitor Hub (required)

Run this command.

sudo /usr/lib/nanitor-server/bin/nanitor-server-ctl configure_hub

Use the username and password provided to you by the Nanitor team.

Then restart the networking to make sure everything is working as expected:

service network restart

Install the Nanitor server (required)

Run this command.

sudo /usr/lib/nanitor-server/bin/nanitor-server-ctl server_install

Then reboot the system by running:

shutdown -r now

Access your Nanitor server

After the installation you can access the Nanitor server using the URL which is shown on the screen after install.  Copy of the information is found here:  /root/nanitor_server_install.out.

  • Your initial username is:
  • The password is printed on your screen after install.

Now you need to contact the Nanitor support team to receive your license key.  You can not access the system without it.

Installation complete

Your are now ready to continue to the  User Guide.

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