How do I collect from Solaris ?

[Available since Nanitor 1.6].

The Nanitor Solaris benchmark supports Solaris versions 10 and 11 through the Nanitor Collector.


1. You need to have a Nanitor Collector up and running.  A single collector can collect from multiple network devices, servers and databases.

2. You need to have the IP address of the Solaris server and the collector needs to have network access to connect to the server.

3. You need to have root access on the Solaris server.

4. You need to be able to access the Solaris server from the collector via SSH (telnet also supported but not recommended).

5. Choose whether to login as root directly, or as a regular user and use su or sudo to elevate to issue commands as root. We recommend choosing sudo (available on Solaris 11) and su on Solaris 10.

Creating the credentials

The access credentials for the Solaris server need to be specified in the Collector. There are a few options. The recommended approach is

  • Authentication via SSH as regular user and elevating using sudo to run commands as root (sudo is available on Solaris 11):
$ sudo /usr/lib/nanitor-collector/bin/nanitor-collector-ctl credential_add --title solaris-sudo1 --access_method ssh --username myuser --password mypass --auto_run_login

The flag --auto_run_login means it will run 'sudo -s' to elevate.

  • Alternatively: Authentication via SSH as regular user and elevating using su to run commands as root (recommended on Solaris 10 as sudo not available):
$ sudo /usr/lib/nanitor-collector/bin/nanitor-collector-ctl credential_add --title solaris-su1 --access_method ssh --username myuser --password mypass --enable_password rootpass --auto_enable

The flag --auto_enable means it will run 'su' to elevate to root access with the root password specified by the --enable_password flag.

  • Alternatively (not recommended): Authentication via SSH as root directly.
$ sudo /usr/lib/nanitor-collector/bin/nanitor-collector-ctl credential_add --title solaris-root1 --access_method ssh --username root --password rootpass

Note that alternatively to specifying passwords SSH keys are supported in the Collector.

Setting up data collection

To go ahead and start collection from the Solaris device (here with IP address

$ sudo /usr/lib/nanitor-collector/bin/nanitor-collector-ctl device_add --title solaris1 --device_type solaris --address --credential_title solaris-sudo1

This can take up to a minute as it will complete collecting the first results.  Once completed, the results will be immediately available in the Nanitor UI.  The collector will continue collecting results once every 24 hours.

If the results do not appear in the Nanitor UI, ensure that the benchmark is selected and in scope for the organization (Administration - Organization Management - Settings - Benchmarks tab). 

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